Thursday, 12 January 2017

X Factor's Honey G plans to bounce back from flop single with Missy Elliott duet

X Factor's Honey G is hoping to duet with Missy Elliott for her new single.

Last year's X Factor hopeful released her debut track last month, but it's fair to say it didn't set the charts alight.

The Honey G show made a tragic debut at Number 149 in the official charts.

In terms of past X Factor acts, it's a result that's pretty much off the scale.

Brother and sister duo Same Difference managed Number 100 with their song Shine On Forever while 2007 champ Leon Jackson enjoyed a relatively respectable Number 94 placing with Creative, two better than Eoghan Quigg who was Number 96 with his song 28,000 Friends in 2009.

However Honey G isn't one to give up.