Wednesday, 11 January 2017

X Factor winner Louisa Johnson reveals surprise weight gain has made her feel more confident as she shows off fuller figure in tiny black bikini

She wrote alongside the pic: “I just wanted to share this because it makes me happy looking at it 🤗 All from being ME and being HAPPY. Only a lil difference but a big difference within.

“It made me realise that feeling comfortable from within and making the most of what you have not what you don’t have is so important.”

She continued: “Let yourself be who it wants to be, don’t worry bout what other people want/think/look for. Be you. I’m realising that 🙂 LET YOURSELF GROW & CHANGE!

“I don’t want anyone thinking they ain’t no good cos you really are in your own way. You have something that no ones else does. Get em b****s!”

Louisa showed off a fuller figure and announced she was now happy with her body

The singer saw it as her chance to show fans how far she'd come

Louisa but the ribbon at London's M&M store last month

Louisa returned to the show last year to support finalists 5 After Midnight