Thursday, 30 July 2015

so far no start date for this years x factor 2015 uk and live shows rescheduling for rugby world cup

so far there has been no television start date released for this years x factor 2015 uk judges auditions rounds, and it is difficult to say just yet when the start date will be because there is scheduling trouble when the show is going to be running on some saturdays night as well as the rugby world cup, so itv will obviously push the x factor live shows either forwards or back on a saturday night in order to accommodate for the rugby world cup live matches, and not the other way around, they won't be rescheduling rugby world cup matches to fit for episodes of x factor this year.

so there is going to be some shake ups going on there, but no start date released yet, but usually it is some time in september and always starts on a saturday night, so best guess is late september on a saturday night for the first episode of the x factor uk judges auditions rounds this year.