Saturday, 5 July 2014

x factor producers doing set ups?

did the x factor producers set up a girl group?, there have been accusations of this in the past, where the producers of the show, push groups forward to the judges auditions stages that they should not have, only for simon cowell to blast the performers as not being any good and what are you doing here.

when it was the producers who have been accused of making sure some acts get through, because they know they will then be ridiculed by the judges, this is a tricky subject and the producers of the x factor always deny any wrong doing.

the recent audition in front of the judges of a girl group, who the producers wanted to be a new pussycat dolls type group, where pushed forward to the judges auditions even though they had never sung live together, then had a bad audition in front of the x factor judges as a result.

they are now blaming the producers of x factor for putting them in this position, saying that the producers new they were not prepared, there is always this kind of controversy about what goes on in the background with the x factor producers and are there actions always in the best interest of the acts who apply and audition to the x factor, of course they are trying to make entertaining tv, so that look to put through some strange acts in front of the judges sometimes that is for sure.