Wednesday, 27 February 2013

no dates for the uk is simon going to judge both shows?

no dates for the uk is simon going to judge both shows?, so there is a strange delay on the details for the uk x factor auditions still not released as we head into the month of march.

usually each year you can expect the details for when and where the uk auditions will be to have been released by january or february, but nothing so far this year, though we do know that the first stage auditions for the x factor usa will be starting in march and where about they will be taking place.

so why the delay with the uk?, and no details at all as to where the locations or the dates will be for the uk auditions this year?, here is a theory, is it because simon cowell is looking to judge both shows this year, the uk and usa x factors?.

the reason this could be possible is if the shows start dates where made to be quite different, and this would give simon a chance to be able to judge both x factor's. so this is a possible reason to the delay of the uk x factor in releasing this year auditions locations and venues.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013


x factor india 2013 auditions on the way this year, this will be the second season of the x factor in india, the first season being a few years ago, back in 2011.

so x factor india will be starting very soon, the first audition dates will be starting in march, with the first audition being in delhi in march the 15th.

the following audition dates are not online yet, so far from what i can see, but i will have a look around and update the blog with any further audition dates information for the indian x factor this year.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

x factor arabia auditions 2013 UAE Jordan Tunisia Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait

the x factor arabia auditions 2013 locations are the United Arab Emiretes (UAE), Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait, so all the people auditioning for this years arabian x factor will come from a vast array of countries.

i think this is quite unique concerning x factor competitions with usually just 1 or at the most 2 countries like a neighbouring country being involved in sharing the auditions for a single competition.

though for the x factor arabia there will be a total of 7 arabic countries involved United Arab Emiretes (UAE), Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco, Egypt, Lebanon and Kuwait, within just one x factor competition, which is kind of unique i think as regards the x factor and the way it works.

this though should bring in some good and varied auditions to this competition and set it apart from some of the other x factor formats out there.

faith Kerkabo from Morocco's audition video (imane Qarqibou, morocco, iman Karkibou)

the x factor arabia 2013 auditions videos online to watch

the x factor arabia 2013 auditions videos are now online to watch, here are a few from the first of the auditions of this new series of the x factor for the arab world, if you are not new to watching the x factor then the arabian x factor follows to the x factor format like the uk and usa does.

so below are some new videos from this new series of the x factor arab auditions 2013.

first up is a x factor 2013 arab audition video of Mohamed Jafal

the X Factor 2013 Arabs first band to perform sing mirrors at the tunisia audition

turkish female singer audition on the x factor arabia auditions 2013

x factor uk auditions 2013 dates and locations still not revealed yet

the x factor uk auditions 2013 dates and locations still have not been announced yet, which is kind of strange because last year the dates were released in january last year, yet we are now approaching march and still no details are released as to when and where the auditions for the uk x factor will be taking place at all.

well i cannot find anything online regarding where the auditions for this year uk x factor will be like the audition dates or the locations and the cities auditions are taking place in this year.

last year the auditions started at the start of march, so if they keep to a similar schedule the auditions would be starting very soon, so i wonder if the auditions this year for the uk x factor will be starting much later like the end of march, usually each year the auditions locations and dates information is released in january and/or early february, so something strange this year that it is taking so long for this information to be finalised and released to the public.

been doing some online searches and also news website searches looking for the details regarding the x factor but they definitely are not available online yet, for some reason the x factor is very slow at releasing this information this year.

Friday, 22 February 2013

x factor 2013 live tour

x factor 2013 live tour few days left to go, with the tour running up to the 28th of february this year, and this year the tour has had really good reviews with people saying it has been the best x factor live tour so far compared to previous years, some really good videos on youtube of this years x factor tour.

the last venue this year is on the 28th and is at the Belfast Odyssey Arena, and then the tour ends for another year.

not sure if you can still get tickets for this years x factor 2013 live tour, the only way of knowing is probably to contact ticket suppliers like ticket master.

james arthur singing and i know it while flanked by the x factor dancers in manchester

the introduction to the x factor live tour 2013 at manchester featuring rylan clarke

Ella Henderson x factor 2013 live tour

Monday, 18 February 2013

the x factor australia 2013 auditions apply online DVD

you can still apply to the x factor australia 2013 auditions online, with 2 main options remaining (because the open auditions in venues have now finished), on the yahoo x factor australian website were you apply, you can apply either as a "online audition" or a "DVD" audition.

for the x factor australia 2013 online audition you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and also upload a acapella performance of a cover song, or alternatively you can provide links to online performances of you singing like on youtube etc, you will need to make sure these are acapella performances.

the other option is that you can mail into the x factor australia a DVD of your performance singing a acapella song along with the completed questionnaire to this address below:

The X Factor Australia
Locked Bag 2222
St Leonards
NSW, 2065

so, these are the options that are still available, because the first set of auditions, the open auditions for x factor australia 2013 have now finished, but with these 2 options listed above you still have the chance to apply.

what happens is the either online or dvd audition you send into x factor, will all get watched and the producers of the show, will select the best, that will get the chance to audition in front of the real judges, as it would get you through to the next stage of auditions in which the real judges are present.

so if you missed or could not make it to the open auditions this still gives you a chance to qualify for the show this year, by choosing one of the methods posted above to still be bale to apply, and get the chance to appear in the auditions before this years x factor 2013 australia judges.

so well worth a try if you are in australia and missed the auditions that had been running over december last year and january this year, because people are commenting on the x factor australia facebook page and also there twitter page they have decided to reopen there audition process, but you need to for the online application upload a video and fill in the questionnaire, or if you do not want to do it that way there is the option to post in a dvd also including a completed questionnaire with it to the address posted further up this page.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

audition venue locations x factor usa 2013 updates

audition venue locations x factor usa 2013 updates, some of the venues are now confirmed for the first two auditions of this years x factor usa, here is a list of the venues confirmed so far:

LOS ANGELES x factor 2013 audition details announced

starting with registration days on march the 4th and 5th, and auditions on the 6th of march.

the venue location for the auditions in los angeles is at the Galen Center, University of Southern California

Galen Center
3400 S. Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA 9000

CHARLESTON, SC x factor 2013 audition details announced

starting with registration days on march the 17th and 18th, and auditions on the 19th of march.

the venue location for the auditions in charleston is at the North Charleston Coliseum

so these are the venues that have been booked so far for this years x factor usa auditions, so we have the dates and the exact locations of where you will need to do for 2 of the auditions this year, still though the venues location details for the remaining 3 auditions has not been released yet, but this is what is available regarding the last 3 auditions for this years x factor usa.

Registration - April 12-13
X Factor Auditions NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana - Sunday, April 14
Venue Locations: To Be Determined

Registration - April 23-24
X Factor Auditions LONG ISLAND, New York - Thursday, April 25
Venue Locations: To Be Determined

Registration - May 12-13
X Factor Auditions DENVER, Colarado - Tuesday, May 14
Venue Locations: To Be Determined

when auditioning you must obtain your wristbands the day before you audition, when attending the los angeles auditions Wristbands will be distributed from approximately 6:00 AM on Monday the 4th of March, until approximately 6:00 AM on Wednesday the 6th of March.

Auditioners will not be permitted to camp out at the venue so you need to sort out somewhere else to stay while attending the auditions, these are the sort of things to arrange in advance like travel and accommodation.

Once auditioners obtain their wristbands, they will be asked to return to the Galen Center by 8:00 AM on Wednesday the 6th of March.

you will also need to bring with you legal photo identification.

Any auditioner under 18 years old must be accompanied by his/her parent or legal guardian.

these are some of the basic audition details for when auditioning this year at the different x factor usa locations, also check the x factor usa website for further details as well.

so that is the most up to date information so far regarding the los angeles and the charleston x factor usa 2013 auditions, i will update further when the other venue details are released, but so far it is useful for people who are going to the first of the two audition locations to have the information now on exactly just where the auditions will be taking place so that you can plan your travel arrangements accordingly.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

x factor germany 2013 auditions start date probably march/april

don't see much about the x factor germany come up in search results, but there has been 3 series so far, it started in 2010 and has run until 2012, with the auditions for x factor germany starting in march/april each year, it should be the same this year for the x factor germany auditions 2013, with a proposed start date of march/april if it follows previous shows.

it has a similar format to the other popular x factor shows, with the same general themes, there are some videos of x factor germany.

because a lot of europeans want to audition to the uk or usa x factor, but first they should also consider/look at auditioning if they have a x factor nearer by, so if someone lives in europe and wants to audition for the x factor, they have not to be perturbed if they cannot make it to the uk x factor, because they might have there own x factor in the country they live in europe.

which would also be a lot easier as well, it is not easy to go to another country to audition, especially of you do not live and or work in that country etc, so the x factor germany will be a excellent option if you live in germany or surrounding european countries.

what it looks like some of the x factor germany videos

Thursday, 7 February 2013

the x factor arabia 2013 auditions new judges start date?

look out for the x factor arabia 2013 auditions to be starting sometime soon, there are some promotional videos up on the x factor arabia youtube channel, but no start date, but there is a video with the 4 judges on so the competition must not be too far off from starting if the judges are already chosen.

it is not a new x factor though, because series one of the arabic x factor was back in 2006, with season two following in 2007, then thee was quite a few years break, with the newest season of the x factor arabia being in 2013.

so there is no start date as of yet for the x factor arabia, but it might start sometime in march, which was the start date of the previous runs of the show, but will have to wait and see, on there twitter page it is quoted that the first episode is on the 21st of february 2013, so that might be the start time for this new x factor singing contest.

the judges for the x factor arabia 2013 are named though:

Carole Samaha
Wael Kfoury
Hussain Al Jasmi

also look for this newest version of the x factor arabia to be on a different tv channel as it was back in 2006 and 2007, back then it was on LBC, Rotana television, but for this year look for it to be on MBC1 television.

this is a look at the new judges

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

x factor video auditions 2013 usa for application form online

here is a peruse at some of the x factor video auditions 2013 usa, that are online on youtube these are the videos people have submitted when applying for the x factor usa and when filling in a online application form for the x factor usa 2013 you can also submit a video with your online application as well.

you can also do the same when applying via the websites for the uk x factor and also submit a video with your application form as well, this is optional though, you do not have to do it as a video application because the online application form is all that is needed for applying to the x factor online.

but some people also utilize the option of submitting a digital video of themselves singing, as this might be seen as improving the chances of getting further or havign better chances with auditioning, though i am not sure how it increases the persons potential.

as the application form is so that you can be registered for the competition, though maybe people who also submit the video audition as well, might have the potential of also being contacted by someone from the x factor as well.

but as far as i know, when applying the video part is optional, of course not everyone has a camera or a means of uploading a video submission to the x factor website, and so they cannot do the video application extra even if they wanted to, but all is not lost for them, because you do not have to do a video application, but you do need to fill in the online application form when applying for the x factor online, and all that is needed when filling the online application form for the x factor 2013 is a valid email address, which i am sure everyone has one of those, and if you do not have a email address, they are actually quite is to obtain, you can get free email addresses from websites such as hotmail.

so no one should have any trouble applying to the x factor, also if you do not have internet access, then for example, you can get free internet access at a library and all you have to do is go into the library and fill in some forms to get free internet access using there computers, so with that it is quite easy and possible for pretty much anyone to be able to apply to the x factor 2013.

so these are some of the video auditions people have also added to there online x factor application.

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

the x factor danmark 2013 bootcamp updates

also do not forget to watch the x factor danmark 2013 bootcamp on youtube videos as well, these are being uploaded by fans each week, and now the x factor denmark is onto the bootcamp phase of the competition, if you was looking for some up to date x factor videos online to watch at the moment.

some good bootcamp videos to watch online this is sarah from x factor danmark

Karina x factor denmark

Dariana x factor danmark 2013 video

x factor indonesia 2013 auditions update video

x factor indonesia 2013 auditions update video, still going strong at the moment is one of the newest x factor's for 2013 the x factor that is currently in the auditions process x factor indonesia.

so some good auditions to watch from this show up on its channel on youtube well worth watching if you have with drawl symptoms from the uk and usa x factor's being on there break from tv, until much later in 2013.

so there are few contests for the x factor already going on at the moment, not really a month in the year where the x factor does not have a contest online somewhere in the world at any time of the year.

this is a highlights video of episode 6

Saturday, 2 February 2013

funny x factor auditions old style uk editions

funny x factor auditions old style uk editions, this is how some of the old style audition would be like in the audition "booths" or rooms before the 3 judges, and this is probably the funniest and it also has a "remix" video as well which is even funnier, so well worth watching for some real x factor nostalgia.

so these two jokers was called ant and seb from wales and auditioned for the x factor back in 2008, when the auditions were in side a audition room and not a arena, though not saying that some of the newer format x factor auditions in the arena's are not also good at times as well.

this is the remix video of this audition featuring peter andre