Saturday, 31 August 2013

what time does xtra factor start 2013 and on what channel starts after x factor finishes

what time does the new series of the xtra factor 2013 start, well this week it was at 9:20pm after the x factor finished, and on what channel does it start, the channel for xtra factor is freeview itv 2 channel.

so basically the xtra factor is on each week after that nights x factor episode finishes, and you go from watching the x factor on itv, to the xtra factor on itv 2.

now on suday the xtra factor starts at a different time, because the x factor on sunday is only on for 1 hour and so finishes at 9pm tomorrow, so basically on sunday the x factor starts at 8pm and finishes at 9pm, and the xtra factor starts at 9pm on sunday the 1st of september 2013.