Sunday, 21 July 2013

the x factor 2013 auditions the story so far

the x factor 2013 auditions the story so far, looks like the uk x factor auditions is going to get back to its old style this year, with some old themes returning, and also a few of acts that did not make it in previous years as well.

so one thing to look out for this year is some of the contestants from previous x factor's returning to give it another go, there is always a few acts that should have made it through to the live finals, but do not make it because at the final judging the judges are subjective and the places to the finals very limited.

so who is returning to the x factor auditions this year?, well one act who has done it all before, 3 times in fact, look for a return of irish singer melanie mccabe, she has been to the boot camp in 2008 and 2012, and did her best when she made it to the judges houses in 2011, so melanie mccabe will be hoping for fourth time lucky and getting through this year, though that is down to the judges as usual.

another returner this year is terry winstanley who has been to the judges houses level of the x factor back in 2011, and i can remember only just missed out on making it to the live finals of the x factor 2 years ago.

there has been quite a few returning this year to give there x factor auditions another try, so it just make the uk version a bit more interesting this year, as well with the change in the judging panel and the return of sharon osbourne the x factor should be a bit like it used to be, which is what long time x factor fans have been looking for to make the show more interesting.