Wednesday, 24 April 2013

the x factor auditions callbacks 2013 what happens?

the x factor auditions callbacks 2013 what happens?, this is a look at the stages following the first stage auditions, if you are lucky enough to get a call back from the x factor to go to another audition.

if you went through the first stage auditions, then you might have been told you now will wait for a "callback" to audition again, so in these now second auditions which are the callbacks process, you again audition but before the producers of the x factor, at this stage you do not audition before the judges, but before the x factor producers.

these x factor callbacks are still a preliminary phase of the x factor auditions, to try and get through to the main part which is of course before the judges, but first it is getting over these hurdles or stages, with all the first and second stage auditions that the x factor auditions you each time, in your attempt at qualifying for a spot to stand before the judges, so not a easy process as such, with having to get through a few levels before a tv audition before the actual x factor judges.

so if you have been through the first stage auditions, and now you get a producers callback, like a email etc, then you go audition again before the x factor producers, and this second stage audition if you are successful is what will qualify you for a spot to audition before the x factor judges in the tv style auditions.

so in a way it looks like this roughly 3 stages of auditioning with the x factor:

first stage auditions
second stage auditions (callbacks) before producers
third stage auditions before the x factor judges