Friday, 15 March 2013

x factor 2013 auditions usa charleston south carolina

x factor 2013 auditions usa charleston south carolina the second of the open call auditions in the first stage of x factor auditions which the public can try out for.

the dates for these are registration days on the 17th to the 18th of march.

the audition day is on the 19th of march.

you must go to either of the registration days though to be able to audition on the 19th, so the first stage of the usa auditions for x factor are in full swing.

yet what is strange there is no news whatsoever on when and where the uk auditions will be taking place this year, which is strange as the x factor uk always release this information quite early in the year, and never leave it this late to say what the locations and dates will be.

this has prompted rumors that the x factor uk might start later this year to give simon cowell the chance to come back and judge the uk show as well as the usa x factor.

it does fit well seen as they are not saying when the uk auditions will start, that it could be a possibility that simon could judge both shows in some way, and make his rumored return to the uk x factor a reality this year.