Saturday, 30 March 2013

no uk auditions locations yet

the uk auditions locations still not out, i keep checking all media each day, so as soon as these are posted online, i will post them up here on this blog as well.

so far there seems to just be bits of information appearing in the form of rumors though, so some possible location changes this year for the x factor 2013 auditions are that there will be no auditions in newcastle, and also there is a rumour that there will be no auditions in liverpool either this year, which has been swapped for plymouth though that is not confirmed yet and is a rumor.

it is also rumored this year that the first stage auditions are getting a big makeover and are going to be changed back to the old style of auditions before the judges in a audition room, instead of the big stadium auditions of the last few years, so kind of going back to basics in a way this year.