Friday, 8 March 2013

los angeles auditions get low attendance figures

los angeles auditions get 10,000 attendance, lower then the 18,000 who attended the season 1 los angeles auditions in 2011, there was no auditions in los angeles last year though, but this year has seen a drop in popularity as nearly half the amount of people attended compared to 2 years ago.

though we hope things like this does not put doubts on whether fox tv decide to renew the x factor in 2014, they are currently taking a year on year approach when issueng each years contract, so next year contract for the x factor 2014 is not gaurenteed yet.

fox will be looking for much better viewing figures when the show start back on usa tv later this year if they are to renew for another year, moe then anything, so it is still early to start worrying on whether the x factor usa might come to a end by 2014 or not.

though we would hope it still has a lot more years in it yet, even if viewing figures have been slow to start with, for the first 2 seasons, possible season 3 of x factor usa which starts later this year will be a lot more popular then the first 2 previous seasons of the show.