Wednesday, 6 February 2013

x factor video auditions 2013 usa for application form online

here is a peruse at some of the x factor video auditions 2013 usa, that are online on youtube these are the videos people have submitted when applying for the x factor usa and when filling in a online application form for the x factor usa 2013 you can also submit a video with your online application as well.

you can also do the same when applying via the websites for the uk x factor and also submit a video with your application form as well, this is optional though, you do not have to do it as a video application because the online application form is all that is needed for applying to the x factor online.

but some people also utilize the option of submitting a digital video of themselves singing, as this might be seen as improving the chances of getting further or havign better chances with auditioning, though i am not sure how it increases the persons potential.

as the application form is so that you can be registered for the competition, though maybe people who also submit the video audition as well, might have the potential of also being contacted by someone from the x factor as well.

but as far as i know, when applying the video part is optional, of course not everyone has a camera or a means of uploading a video submission to the x factor website, and so they cannot do the video application extra even if they wanted to, but all is not lost for them, because you do not have to do a video application, but you do need to fill in the online application form when applying for the x factor online, and all that is needed when filling the online application form for the x factor 2013 is a valid email address, which i am sure everyone has one of those, and if you do not have a email address, they are actually quite is to obtain, you can get free email addresses from websites such as hotmail.

so no one should have any trouble applying to the x factor, also if you do not have internet access, then for example, you can get free internet access at a library and all you have to do is go into the library and fill in some forms to get free internet access using there computers, so with that it is quite easy and possible for pretty much anyone to be able to apply to the x factor 2013.

so these are some of the video auditions people have also added to there online x factor application.