Saturday, 23 February 2013

x factor uk auditions 2013 dates and locations still not revealed yet

the x factor uk auditions 2013 dates and locations still have not been announced yet, which is kind of strange because last year the dates were released in january last year, yet we are now approaching march and still no details are released as to when and where the auditions for the uk x factor will be taking place at all.

well i cannot find anything online regarding where the auditions for this year uk x factor will be like the audition dates or the locations and the cities auditions are taking place in this year.

last year the auditions started at the start of march, so if they keep to a similar schedule the auditions would be starting very soon, so i wonder if the auditions this year for the uk x factor will be starting much later like the end of march, usually each year the auditions locations and dates information is released in january and/or early february, so something strange this year that it is taking so long for this information to be finalised and released to the public.

been doing some online searches and also news website searches looking for the details regarding the x factor but they definitely are not available online yet, for some reason the x factor is very slow at releasing this information this year.