Tuesday, 12 February 2013

x factor germany 2013 auditions start date probably march/april

don't see much about the x factor germany come up in search results, but there has been 3 series so far, it started in 2010 and has run until 2012, with the auditions for x factor germany starting in march/april each year, it should be the same this year for the x factor germany auditions 2013, with a proposed start date of march/april if it follows previous shows.

it has a similar format to the other popular x factor shows, with the same general themes, there are some videos of x factor germany.

because a lot of europeans want to audition to the uk or usa x factor, but first they should also consider/look at auditioning if they have a x factor nearer by, so if someone lives in europe and wants to audition for the x factor, they have not to be perturbed if they cannot make it to the uk x factor, because they might have there own x factor in the country they live in europe.

which would also be a lot easier as well, it is not easy to go to another country to audition, especially of you do not live and or work in that country etc, so the x factor germany will be a excellent option if you live in germany or surrounding european countries.

what it looks like some of the x factor germany videos