Monday, 18 February 2013

the x factor australia 2013 auditions apply online DVD

you can still apply to the x factor australia 2013 auditions online, with 2 main options remaining (because the open auditions in venues have now finished), on the yahoo x factor australian website were you apply, you can apply either as a "online audition" or a "DVD" audition.

for the x factor australia 2013 online audition you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire and also upload a acapella performance of a cover song, or alternatively you can provide links to online performances of you singing like on youtube etc, you will need to make sure these are acapella performances.

the other option is that you can mail into the x factor australia a DVD of your performance singing a acapella song along with the completed questionnaire to this address below:

The X Factor Australia
Locked Bag 2222
St Leonards
NSW, 2065

so, these are the options that are still available, because the first set of auditions, the open auditions for x factor australia 2013 have now finished, but with these 2 options listed above you still have the chance to apply.

what happens is the either online or dvd audition you send into x factor, will all get watched and the producers of the show, will select the best, that will get the chance to audition in front of the real judges, as it would get you through to the next stage of auditions in which the real judges are present.

so if you missed or could not make it to the open auditions this still gives you a chance to qualify for the show this year, by choosing one of the methods posted above to still be bale to apply, and get the chance to appear in the auditions before this years x factor 2013 australia judges.

so well worth a try if you are in australia and missed the auditions that had been running over december last year and january this year, because people are commenting on the x factor australia facebook page and also there twitter page they have decided to reopen there audition process, but you need to for the online application upload a video and fill in the questionnaire, or if you do not want to do it that way there is the option to post in a dvd also including a completed questionnaire with it to the address posted further up this page.