Wednesday, 27 February 2013

no dates for the uk is simon going to judge both shows?

no dates for the uk is simon going to judge both shows?, so there is a strange delay on the details for the uk x factor auditions still not released as we head into the month of march.

usually each year you can expect the details for when and where the uk auditions will be to have been released by january or february, but nothing so far this year, though we do know that the first stage auditions for the x factor usa will be starting in march and where about they will be taking place.

so why the delay with the uk?, and no details at all as to where the locations or the dates will be for the uk auditions this year?, here is a theory, is it because simon cowell is looking to judge both shows this year, the uk and usa x factors?.

the reason this could be possible is if the shows start dates where made to be quite different, and this would give simon a chance to be able to judge both x factor's. so this is a possible reason to the delay of the uk x factor in releasing this year auditions locations and venues.