Thursday, 24 January 2013

x factor 2013 application form

x factor 2013 application form, there are a few options when applying for this years x factor.

1/ you can apply by filling in a online application form at the xfactor website.

2/ you can also upload a video audition at the website when filling in the x factor application form (uploading a video is a optional added extra).

3/ you can only apply if you have a valid email address (needed to do the online application form) if for some reason you do not have a email address, there is the option to apply by ringing the x factor hotline number 0901 88 11 222 and applying via a telephone.

so people who do not have access to the internet (though they would not be reading this), though you might be reading for a friend who wants to apply to the x factor, but they do not have internet access, they can use the x factor hotline telephone number instead to apply.

likewise if you have internet access but do not have a valid email address, (which you need a email address to apply via the online application form) then also you can apply by using the telephone number.

though be quick if you want to apply via the telephone application option because lines close on 15th February 2013.

also the age limit for the x factor application form in the uk, is you need to be 16 years or over by the 15th of february when applying.

there is no closing date for online applications posted online as of yet, but with auditions starting probably in march time, you would want to get your applications in as soon as possible, otherwise risk missing the closing dates otherwise, as there is probably not much more longer then around 1 month or so in total left to apply online for the x factor 2013.