Friday, 25 January 2013

there is going to be no dj x factor auditions or sign up

there is going to be no dj x factor auditions or sign up, if you did not know, simon cowell was planning to launch a x factor competition specifically for dj's (disc jockeys) to enter, the dj x factor competition was probably going to be this year, but the idea now has been scrapped by simon cowell.

it was quite a good idea for using the x factor franchise and format in a very different way, now dj mixing competitions are nothing new, but a dj competition on main stream tv using the backing of the x factor to make it into a really big competition would of been something new, as most dj mixing competition are not something that are on prime time tv.

it was announced back in january last year that simon cowell and x factor would be launching a new TV talent show which aims "to find the world's greatest DJs".

it was going to be a dj mixing show though with a similar format to the X Factor, with the DJs battling it out each week trying to win through the various auditions and then live finals. Speaking about the show, simon cowell was keen to do a show of this style because he could see the popularity of dance music all over the world and that the dj's are like the new rock stars.

which is true because the x factor does not focus on dance music at all, and the x factor is more about chart and pop music, so simon was looking to tap into the dance music and club music scene with this idea, which is kind of a really promising idea, but it was not to be, and the x factor will stay as is.

the show was going to be produced in conjunction with Will Smith and his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith, but in the end the show was dropped and the two parties of cowell and the smiths went there separate ways.