Wednesday, 23 January 2013

the voice 2013 auditions uk start date on tv in the spring!

the voice 2013 auditions uk start date on tv in the spring!, the new series of the voice will be back on tv very soon, there is no exact start date as of yet though, but it is going to be starting sometime in the spring 2013 on the bbc again.

so to work out when the voice 2013 will be starting back on tv this year, the spring this year it says on the calendar wednesday march the 20th for spring 2013, so i would predict the voice to be starting sometime probably in april this year.

okay, update just checked the voice twitter and the show will start in march this year!, the exact date is not set yet though.

the voice 2013 start date is in march!.

and so far all the judges are confirmed with the same panel as it was last year, also to note some of the new series has already been filmed, and it is in the process of being edited for tv, the first episodes of course are pre-recorded, where the acts are chosen, this is before the voice then switches to the live episodes on the bbc.

but at the moment the first episodes have already been filmed, which will be the start of the series, with a start date of sometime in spring this year.