Wednesday, 9 January 2013

only 100 or so try out to audition for x factor new zealand!

only 100 or so try out to audition for x factor new zealand!, quite low numbers those, different kind of place new zealand with there being more sheep then people, it has a low population density.

compared to the many 1000's who try out for the x factor in the uk, so the auditions are off and running in new zealand with a full month of auditions.

in queenstown new zealand around 100 people tried out for the auditions, and in Invercargill the same with around about 100 people auditioning.

what this means though, with such low numbers of people auditioning that, the x factor new zealand is probably the best chance of getting through to the next stages if you audition for this new x factor contest, the competition is not very high, due to there being so few people at a audition venue.

obviously there will be more people at the really big cities in nz, but at the small cities or towns people who audition have a really good chance of making it through to the next stages.

people who want to give it a go in new zealand should really think about trying out for the x factor, as they are obviously in with a much greater chance of getting further through the various audition rounds, then say if they auditioned in america, which is more like 100's of thousands of people auditioning, compared to nz.