Thursday, 24 January 2013

improve x factor uk 2013 auditioning process and the live finals

improve x factor uk 2013 auditioning process and the live finals, the show is in a slump and needs to change its format more then anything, like a have a drastic overhaul of the whole methodology of how things are done, especially starting with the x factor auditions.

a "back to basics" type approach, like going back in time to the original format when x factor first started around 10 years ago, the format seemed to be a lot more suitable, and make things more natural, rather then the x factor just becoming a place for agents and professional singer, to appear, to be auditioning, but more for the randomness that the show seemed to be about.

so in the original x factor there was a audition room, rather then now where people audition in front of a big audience in side a arena, this format does not seem to work as well as the original setting of a auditions room.

at first the new changes a few years ago did seem to work, where the audition room was changed for auditions in front of big audiences in arenas, but now it seems to have lost the way of the original show, and its earlier appeal and style.

that would be one of the most important changes, because when they start out big with the auditions there is not really anywhere to go after that, rather start out small with the auditions and work up to the live shows with the arenas.

a change in the judging panel as well would be a good idea, though, this looks like it will happen anyway, with gary, tulisa and nicole looking set to leave the x factor judging panel.


  1. Here we go wait wait wait wait another mental breakdown in front of judges o dont tell me they know who is going to bootcamp before the open auditions have started people get a grip its a tv con and groomed to make you think you nearly got there just like the moon landing!!!!!

  2. waiting in the cold dancing around like a idiot when tv crew appear then make it look like ya part of it , then 1 2 3 auditions forms more forms wait 6 weeks you may get through then standing ovations when you sing judges stand audience stand but they skip that bit cos they dont want you to stand out because they choosen someone already on tv edited to nothing bootcamp then your not good enough what this means is you are but we choose them months ago............... cue up next year like a wally and then get councelling after