Saturday, 12 January 2013

how do you audition for the x factor to get through stage 1

how do you audition for the x factor to get through stage 1, or at the least improve your chances of impressing the judges and giving yourself the best possible chance of progressing as far as possible in the competition?.

well there are some things you can do some obvious some not so obvious.

you can start by rehearsing your chosen song, that might sound obvious, but it is surprising how many people audition and get there chosen song wrong, so this just means they did not practice the song until they were confident and had no problem remembering the song and singing it in front of people.

also make sure to be proficient with at least 2 or 3 songs, in case the judges would rather you sing one of your other chosen songs, i think you need at least 4 or 5 songs when you go to audition, though the judges are usually happy that you sing, your first choice, it is rare for them to pick one of your last choices, but it does help your chances in case they do pick one of your other chosen songs that you know the words to the song and are relatively comfortable singing the song as well.

so with that all said when it comes to auditioning for the x factor you also need to be positive, and that is shown by having confidence (if you have practiced your song in front of other people then you will have more confidence).

also try and have a smart appearance and not be over the top, so be unique, but not so unique that the judges find you over the top, so this is all about pleasing the judges, so for your audition you might need to change your style a bit, even though it might not be your regular style, but to audition the judges do want to see people who are sort of smart and casual with there own style as well.

then also make sure you plan everything out before the actual audition day, and so you will be ready come the audition with everything you need, and you will not have any last minute panics, or things that need doing in a rush, so like travel arrangements, and what you will wear, etc, so plan in advance.

one way is to look at the audition as being similar to a job interview and so you need to prepare in a advance and be ready to present yourself as best as possible, preparation is one of the main keys to be ready and doing your best possible audition.