Friday, 18 January 2013

britains got talent 2013 auditions still apply london oval 19th january

britains got talent 2013 auditions still apply london oval 19th january, this is actually a special OPEN audition which means you can just turn up on the day to audition.

so this audition day at the oval in london on saturday the 19th january is called the one off auditions date, before going to stage 2 auditions before the judges.

this is like a one off stage 1 style audition to qualify to the next stage and it is the last one for this season of the britain's got talent auditions of this nature, then it is onto the auditions before judges which people have previously qualified for by doing the previous open stage 1 auditions last year.

so this is your last chance to do the open audition for britain's got talent this year, and it is tomorrow at the oval in london on the 19th of january 2013, actually these are called the auditions that are before the producers, these open auditions.

and this is the last one of those because the next stage of auditions has already started before the actual judges like simon cowell.

the ones tomorrow are not before judges, but are before producers, but if you get through those you then qualify for the auditions that will be before the judges of britain's got talent 2013.