Sunday, 13 January 2013

auditions for the x factor in christchurch new zealand

auditions for the x factor in christchurch new zealand, these are the next set of auditions for the 13th of january, for the first season of the x factor in new zealand.

also to note that these are what is called "first stage" auditions and are not to be confused with stage 2 auditions which are different.

the first stage auditions are not before the actual x factor judges, but are before the x factor production staff, who will judge you, and decide if you make it through to the next stage which is the stage that is before the actual judges and i think is the stage that gets televised.

the reason it is done this way is because, if it is done with the judges first there would be too many people for them to judge and it would take too long, and so, there is a first stage of auditions where the numbers of auditionee's is whittled down, so that then in stage 2 the judges have a set amount of people to judge.

but this is the way it is and so, you have to progress through stage 1 to get to stage 2 and to have the chance to audition in the televised section of the show before the judges.

this is the format used at every x factor contest in other countries as well, so nothing new about it, it is seen as necessary due to the large amounts of people that can turn up at the first stage venues and to whittle things down.

so today the auditions in new zealand are in the city of christchurch, at the addington race course, 76 jack hinton drive.