Thursday, 6 December 2012

will there be a x factor 2014 auditions? we know next year is secure though

will there be a x factor 2014 auditions? we know next year is secure though

we do know the x factor will be back next year, in the usa and in the uk and some new x factors like in new zealand, so we know it will return next year, and is not getting axed like had been the worry for many who had been looking to audition next year.

but what we do not know yet is if there will be a x factor 2014, especially regarding the usa and the uk formats for x factor, the reason is the contract regarding the uk show runs out after next years show which will be season 10 regarding the uk show respectively.

and when it comes to the american format, that is only running on a year by year basis, fox has not given the american version a long term contract, yet, and it might not, and just keep everyone guessing with "yearly" reviews by the fox bosses, so when it comes to the x factor usa 2014, no one really knows how much of a reality it is going to be, which is a shame for anyone who is not old enough to audition next year, and so needs to wait even longer until the 2014 edition.

they might be putting in the practice but not old enough for next year, which has been confirmed that there is a show next year, but it is not confirmed for the year after, because fox are going by the ratings each year and how well the show is, before they decide on if it will be in the following years schedule.

to get fox to agree to next years, simon cowell basically had to go the fox bosses and follow there plans for next year, which means a complete restructuring of next years x factor usa, which will be major cost cutting, and many other changes to make the show more profitable for fox.

now if it is really popular next year, and finishes popular this year then that will be a good sign for there being a show in 2 years time, for those who cannot audition yet that would be good news.

because there are lots of people watching the x factor now, but they are just not old enough to audition yet, so have there hopes on auditioning for it in 2 years time when they will meet the age requirements, and hopefully though i think they should be okay, because simon cowell is doing everything he can to keep the show running for as many years as possible with the x factor in the united states, considering he left the uk version to judge in the usa it must be a important show to him.