Thursday, 6 December 2012

when are the x factor 2013 auditions taking place and where? many people want to know

when are the x factor 2013 auditions taking place and where? many people want to know, this is something you want to know if you are applying for next years x factor, and you have filled out a application form online, when will you be auditioning next year?.

well, they don't tell just yet, the x factor do not give out the time and dates for auditions until closer to the time, which is historically and usually every year the x factor will announce when the auditions start and the audition locations in february of each year.

so you would need to wait until february 2013, to find exactly when the auditions for x factor 2013 start, and also where the auditions will be, this information will be easy to find next year because the x factor post it everywhere online via a press release, but up until that date around february it is not known where the auditions will be.

but, what we do know is the auditions are usually in similar locations especially for the uk locations, because the x factor use the same major cities each year, with the odd chance, but you always know for example that there will be auditions in london each year, the other usual audition locations are x factor auditions in manchester, liverpool, and newcastle.

the scottish auditions for x factor are usually in glasgow, and the welsh x factor auditions are usually in cardiff, so you have a rough idea there where the auditions should be next year, they are also usually starting around the same time each year as well.

the auditions for x factor uk start around march and april time each year, so look out for the auditions that you are applying to now to be starting in march and april 2013, these are the first stage auditions as well.