Thursday, 6 December 2012

the x factor usa 2012 so far been a success? getting more popular in usa?

the x factor usa 2012 so far been a success? getting more popular in usa?, well it was worried due to the falling ratings each year, and also the low ratings, when x factor usa launched last year, that this would be its last, but not so, and the x factor seems to be getting more popular with the fox viewers.

so we are up to now the last 6 of the contestants and i think the x factor is doing better now, it has been a rocky 2 years for a while, with mixed reviews from the american audience, but i think the show is starting to come into its own and get more fans.

it was a slow start, at first, but it was a new show and so needed a few years to get popular, i think that was part of the problem to begin with with the ratings, whereas as the uk x factor is experiencing a bit of a slump, because it is has been on uk tv something like 10 years, its us counterpart should start to pick up, as more people watch it.

the x factor bosses in the usa was worried and thought of cancelling the us version because of its slow start, but that is all it was just a slow start and so it needed time to get popular.

and there are a lot of fans who want to audition as well, in the usa, lots of people are waiting to audition for the x factor and so it would be a big shame for those people if the show had gotten cancelled after just 2 years, like a tease, "do you want to audition for the x factor?", well actually you can't now because it is cancelled, but the good news is for these people the x factor usa is not getting cancelled in 2013, and the show goes on, and is getting more popular again as well.

well it should get more popular because its viewing figures did get quite low for a while, so there was really only one place for them to go and that was to go up a bit, and will have to see how it goes next year and then hopefully for people who are not old enough to audition next year might be old enough to then audition for the x factor usa 2014, as the show should still be going strong by then and be a big popular hit on usa television for quite a few years to come.