Wednesday, 12 December 2012

the semi final of this years x factor usa starts tonight on fox

the semi final of this years x factor usa starts tonight on fox already here again at this stage for season 2 of usa x factor, and i think this year has been a bit more of a success and might help guarantee a few more years of the show in the usa.

next years show is now guaranteed at the least, so there is at the very least going to be a season 3 next year and i cannot see why there should not be a season 4 as well in 2014 and so on, because the show should be a bit more popular now.

well it is near the end of this series with the semi finals of x factor usa starting tonight wednesday and thursday, with the finals of the x factor usa 2012 next week and the winner being announced on thursday the 20th of december, very close to christmas as well.

x factor really is a kind of christmas show in those regards with the way it is structured, it was also kind of designed this way on purpose by simon cowell, with the aim of who ever won the x factor would also then go on and get the christmas number one song that year as well.

well that is how it worked for a few years like with the united kingdom show, until there was a backlash called "rage against the x factor" and people started all choosing one song to buy for christmas to make sure the x factor winner and simon cowell did not get the number one song that year.

not sure how it works in america, but it is very competitive chart anyway, so it might not be expected for the x factor winner to get the christmas number one anyway, not sure what happened last year with the winners song.

so semi final tonight and tomorrow and the final next week on december the 19th and december the 20th!, when the winner will be announced for another year, and then onto christmas day itself.