Thursday, 13 December 2012

Tate Stevens x factor usa 2012 semi finals performance

Tate Stevens x factor usa 2012 semi finals performance, just a quick post here before i go out, to say all the x factor usa semi final videos are up on youtube, and one by the favourite to win the show for the last week tate stevens, is he still the favourite.

not watched any of these recent semi final performances so the favourite might of changed from tate stevens now, but he has been one of the hot favourites to win the show this year.

who do you think is the favourite to win, i guessed right for the winner of the the x factor uk weeks before the final and him winning, but, i am not going to guess for who i think will win the us x factor final this year.

cause i am not sure, so i was only saying that tate stevens is one of the favourites to win, but that is not my prediction for the winner because i am not sure who will the x fatcor usa this year, like iw as about who would win the uk finals.