Wednesday, 12 December 2012

post your x factor questions and answers related to next years auditions on this blog

post your questions and answers related to next years auditions on this blog about the x factor, that is the aim of this blog to help with any information for those going to the x factor 2013 auditions in a few months time.

if you want to fill out the application forms for next years x factor uk you can now do that online, so then you might have a question of when these audition will be taking place next year and the locations for them, will they be on your town.

well at the moment we know the auditions will be taking place in march and april of next year, what is not known yet is where these auditions will take place, exactly, but you can be sure that some of the towns and cities will be the same as last year.

for example london always hosts x factor auditions each year, without failure, also cities like liverpool, manchester, newcastle and cardiff are regular audition locations, so with that in mind you have a idea where some of the auditions are going to be, and the date will roughly be in the march or april time.

what if you cannot make it the open auditions before judges in march or april?, there is also the option to audition to the x factor by submitting a video online via the facebook or youtube x factor channels later next year as well, and if that is not possible or you would still like to audition in person but cannot make it to the big open auditions, there is yet another option, called the x factor "mobile" auditions.

this is a auditions booth that will be touring a lot of cities and towns in the uk, and will give you chance to audition in person, so there are lots of options to help you get the chance to audition some way or other for the x factor singing competition.

so with a little planning in a advance you should not need to miss out next year if you are wanting to do the auditions, there are plenty of options, so post you questions or answers about x factor questions to this blog, and i will do my bets to answer them or someone reading the posts might answer also.