Saturday, 15 December 2012

first audition x factor usa 2013 los angeles california march 6th

the first audition for the x factor usa 2013 will be los angeles california on march 6th, that is the date of the audition, there are 2 days before the 4th and the 5th of march in which you can register to audition for the los angeles x factor audition.

now not sure if you can miss those registration days by filling out the online audition form online instead, and then just turn up on the 6th to audition as that would make it a lot easier for most people, as they would not need to have to stay in los angeles for at least 2 days that way.

could just make it 1 day, the audition day on the 6th of march, if it is possible to skip needing to register by filling in the online application form instead.

so from what i can tell though you have to register online, through the application form and also register on either of the 2 days prior to each audition date like on the 4th or 5th before the los angeles auditions on the 6th of march.

unless anyone knows otherwise post it below in the comments section of this blog, on how the process goes regarding these auditions like los angels and what someone has to do regarding the regsitration days, but as far as i know they are mandatory for everyone to also do the registration day as well.