Thursday, 6 December 2012

cece frey youtube video x factor 2012 usa final 6 performers "unplugged performance"

cece frey youtube video x factor 2012 usa final 6 performers "unplugged performance"

so this was a bit of change for this x factor singer, who the judges have been loving to hate, have you noticed how they always have acts that they love to hate on?, well, so she is singing unplugged in a bid to get a bit more popular with the judges and also, to get your most important to her phone votes, she needs america to vote for her, as do all the acts to stay in.

so she is getting a bit worried because of previous judges comments, which can bring out a good performance, anyway, this kind of singing when it is unplugged and without all the back up equipment like dancers and the big backing tracks, it can not sound as good, this is where you find out who are the best natural style singer with a unplugged performance.

so this was a change from her usual style on the x factor usa for cece frey, but as simon cowell says about some performances "i think it worked", did on this one, voice seemed really good with this song, and on came the judges comments, though britney spears gave a bad comment, and simon cowell gave a bad comment as well, but a good comment from la, so was a bit of a mixed bag of comments.

the judges though will sometimes try and talk down the other contestants in a bid to get people to vote for there acts instead, so sometimes the judges comments might not be all that accurate at times on the x factor usa, because this seemed like good singing by cece frey in this youtube video.