Tuesday, 31 July 2012

will the x factor be axed over poor usa ratings 2012 season 2?

will the x factor be axed over poor usa ratings 2012 season 2?, well this nearly happened as a result of the first series of the x factor usa last year, on season 1 of the x factor its ratings did not match up to expectations, and the fox tv bosses were not happy.

according to some rumours simon cowell had to persuade the executives of fox tv that it was just first year teething problems and that with some fine tuning that things could be sorted out and season 2 would make x factor a smash hit with the united states tv viewers.

i am not so convinced though, because if ratings do not pick up this year, i think fox tv will be looking to axe the X factor off there viewing schedules, i think season 2 of the x factor use is a make or break deal, this is because it costs so much to run and takes up some of fox's prime time viewing slots, so they want the most viewers possible of course, and that is what they want the x factor to deliver or it is all over for the usa version of the show.

well, simon cowell made the changes he promised to the executives of fox tv, there was mass firings of the x factor judges and a tweaking to the format, and of courses new judges demi lovato and britney spears, so they are going for the youth factor hoping that will get americans watching, so we will soon found out very soon when the x factor returns to the uk television and the first few episodes ratings come in, if they do not drastically improve over last years tv ratings i think it could see a end to the x factor in the usa and it will be back to the uk x factor for simon cowell, that is how it is on usa tv, if the figures are not there then the shows get cancelled.