Thursday, 7 June 2012

will the american idol or the x factor get axed in 2013


will the american idol or the x factor get axed in 2013, it is possible, and not impossible, but i would say probably not very probable of this happening, the reason i think it will not probably happen is because both shows are such big global franchises now.

well in x factor case that is a massive worldwide music talent show phenomena like nothing before it really, there has never been a global talent show franchise as big and popular as x factor is, but does that mean it is immune from being axed by fox usa tv, probably not, will they do it if the ratings are average this year probably not, would they axe x factor though if the ratings were really bad, now then they might think about it, because they will not want to push a unpopular programme if it is not getting good ratings after 2 years, then they will see it as being a waste of there tv schedules.

x factor has to be much more popular this year, then it was last year, when ratings were half of what had been expected, now with the new judging panel and supposed improvement of the format for x factor usa, you would think they will make it just get enough viewers to survive into next year.

with the american idol as well, that has had really poor ratings this year, its worse ratings so far really and this is not the news tv bosses want, this is when they do start thinking about cancelling or closing down a show, but, for 2013 i think american idol will still be on tv, but they will be watching its ratings very closely, next year that is for sure.