Sunday, 3 June 2012

the voice uk 2012 final winner leanne mitchell


the voice 2012 final winner leanne mitchell, and it was quite a success as this series of the voice ends, maybe not quite on the level of the x factor, but, different then the x factor which is probably the main thing or a good thing, because 1 x factor is enough.

i thought the voice is a good alternative if you are a bit bored with the x factor or it makes a change to the x factor.

it will be interesting to see how successful the voice 2012 winner leanne mitchell is and where this show leads her, the x factor has been blamed in the past for not making a good future for a lot of its winners, whereas, in contrast i think all the winners of the voice will probably go on to do well for themselves.

Leanne Mitchell video singing 'Run To You' from The Voice UK 2012 Live Finals on BBC One tv

the voice uk 2012 final winner leanne mitchell