Thursday, 14 June 2012

more pictures zingy the edf orange energy blob flame toy


more pictures of zingy the edf orange energy blob flame toy, that little orange guy on the new edf power energy adverts that are running at the moment, looks like a new must have toy has been launched, not so much go compare, but can i have one, and the answer is a no no, from edf, because they have been caught out by the popularity of the little orange blob called zingy, which people want now as a toy.

this is also similar to money supermarket who had great success with the meerkats and them becoming a really popular toy, that when you took out insurance or energy deals with compare the market you got a free meerkat i think, but there are a few to collect so you need to take a bit of insurance and other things really to get the full set.

well this new mascot for edf energy appeared on the adverts when they was running a new tariff called blue, with edf's new blue price promise until 2013, so this is what the new edf mascot or tv advert advertisement toy is promoting a new deal from edf for better priced energy until 2013, but, now people would like a little orange zingy toy is they take out this new blue offer from edf on there electric gas and water rates, well not sure if they do water, but the little toy on the edf energy adverts represents or is supposed to look like a little flame to represent there gas prices and offers.

here are some more pictures of the edf orange blue energy blob toy called zingy