Sunday, 17 June 2012

american idol auditions 2013 new york

the nearest american idol auditions 2013 to new york are going to be in newark new jersey this year, and not long to wait either if you are from new york and looking to apply and audition for the american idol auditions 2013, because these newark nj auditions are next week, well, next thursday to be exact.

what you need to do to audition for american idol 2013 if you are in the new york region is basically go to the american idol website, and download a application form, or audition form or however you want to call it, but you must get this form to be able to go to the registration days and also have the correct id's and so on.

this american idol auditions 2013 newark nj audition starts with the first registration day on the 21st of june, then the second registration day on the 22nd of june and the audition day on the 23rd of june 2012.

but these first stage try outs are basically for the area of new york, so this should be a really busy american idol 2013 audition location near new york, due to the size of the city of new york, there is going to be many 1000's of people travelling to this venue, so you will need to be at your registration days as early as possible to avoid disappointment, and also make sure you have all the correct information with you, of course also plan out how you are going to travel to these auditions in newark nj near newyork as well because the roads can get pretty busy in places as well.