Thursday, 7 June 2012

american idol 2013 audition cities

american idol 2013 audition cities are going to be held first in los angeles, well these auditions are already under way today with the auditions day for the first of the american idol auditions starting today on the 7th of june 2012, at the california dodgers stadium.

so it is too late now to apply for the first of the american idol auditions 2013, but, not to worry, because there are still many more cities available where american idol 2013 audition will be taking place this year.

next up on the schedule for the idol 2013 auditions is the american state of texas, so the next auditions are in san antonio, with the registration day being on the 12th of june and the 13th of june and the auditions day being on the 14th of june, with american idol process, you first basically register in and use the american idol application form to do this, then, you wait until the audition day to do the actual singing part, but first you have to have registered via one of the two registration days, this is how it works to be able to apply to sing on the idol talent show.

so the other cities that will host american idol auditions this year are charlotte, newark, chicago, new orleans and oklahoma.