Tuesday, 22 May 2012

x factor usa judges britney spears demi lovato simon cowell and l.a. reid


here it is your x factor usa 2012 judges britney spears demi lovato simon cowell and l.a. reid.

this looks like a good combo of judges here, and should work better then last years line up, which did not seem to have the best chemistry, i was a bit like demi who?, but, obviously everyone recognizes britney spears, which i think was simon cowell's plan, as a big ratings boost.

even though it cost simon cowell $15 million to get britney as a judge, it will probably be worth it if they can hit the viewing figures they need to keep x factor in the usa.

so below is a bit of a pictures montage of the new x factor usa judge demi lovato, you all know who simon cowell is and who britney spears is, but a lot of people probably do not know who demi lovato is?.

i think this is all partially a ratings boost ploy, by simon cowell and his x factor executives, but, this could still be a risky move, they are trying to play the youth card, whereas i think they should be playing a different card, i.e. look back to the early days of the uk x factor, which is the most successful of all the x factor series, when it was the old format of the x factor.

the "new" format for the x factor show, might be "new" but if it fails to get big american audiences how long will it last?.

this is a picture of new x factor usa judge demi lovato



new x factor usa judge demi lovato


demi lovato new x factor 2012 judge