Tuesday, 10 April 2012

x factor slovenija tv (slovenia) 2012 auditions youtube videos

x factor slovenija (slovenia) 2012 auditions youtube videos

new this year x factor has started on slovenia tv, i found out because i was watching new audition videos on youtube, and videos of people going through the process of auditioning and ended up watching some auditions from the slovenian x factor.

so this looks like it will be a good addition to the popular x factor franchise, so far there has been some excellent auditions i have watched of slovenian x factor on youtube.

of course if you tried to watch all the different x factor competitions it would be impossible as x factor is now in a lot of countries world wide, which makes me think there will probably be a x factor world competition some time in the future, well its a possibility anyway.

but for now check out some of the x factor slovenia auditions on youtube.

Arni - X Factor ( Frank Sinatra ) (sound no video)

Ana Soklič - Tina Turner in Goldeneye (X Factor Slovenija)