Saturday, 14 April 2012

x factor 2013 uk and usa auditions application forms?

x factor 2013 uk and usa auditions application forms? well it will soon be time for other people who did not make it through this year, to decide if they are going to give it another go next year and re-audition for the x factor in 2013.

some people will give it one shot and if they do not make it through this year then they quit it and leave it at that, whereas there are people who repeat apply for the x factor every year.

i am in the camp where i would never apply to go on x factor, just because i would be too nervous to even try, but for some people, it is not about nerves it is just what they want to do, and so i say good luck to them, and hopefully they can impress the judges enough to qualify and make it through to the live stages of the show.

next years audition dates for x factor 2013 might change also, because simon cowell has said that he would like the audition dates between the uk x factor and the usa x factor to be different, maybe so he could get the chance to appear in both shows, who knows?.

but nevertheless it always seems to roll round fast each year, where the show ends and the next years application forms for x factor become available again, and another cycle begins.

but will it be different this year?, with rumours of the world ending in 2012 is there really any point in applying to audition for x factor in 2013?.

unless the x factor bosses know something we do not and the world is not going to end in 2013 and so they know it is okay to still put out application forms at the end of the current season of x factor this year?.

now if they do not make next years audition application forms available at the end of this years x factor it might mean that the world is going to end?, just kidding!.