Sunday, 29 April 2012

simon cowell hands one direction £10million for What Makes You Beautiful

simon cowell hands one direction £10million for there last 7 months of success with What Makes You Beautiful.

simon cowell wants the boys to know just what they are worth, with them making him a lot of money over the last few years, so he wants to show his gratification by handing them a "sweetener" of £10 million pounds to share.

well share evenly of course, so it is £2 million for zayn malik, £2 million for harry styles, £2 million for niall horan, £2 million for liam payne and £2 million for louis tomlinson, now i just hope they do not spend it all at once, and instead choose to invest there money wisely.

though i think the one direction boys are going to get so rich and have so much worth between them that htey probably would struggle to spend all there money anyway, they are probably too busy with there tour as well to be able to do that either.