Sunday, 8 April 2012

help mee!- WRITE TO MY MUM youtube request video

here is a different video from youtube, this girl want's her mum and dad to go to her audition with her, we will see if we see her on the live shows i guess, here is the description for this video below.

"hello youtube:) just a video i have made to help convince my mum to let me go to my X factor call back in London. Its far away yes but i'm trying my hardest and I am so happy to get through the first round threw video. Basically can you share this video as much as possible and comment telling ALLISON. AKA MY MUM why you feel i should be allowed to go!:)

p.s sorry i look like a dosser its late, im sure you can forgive me.
oh and sorry if i look like a nob.
dont forget to comment!"