Saturday, 25 February 2012

the voice uk judges are tom jones jessie j Danny O'Donoghue

so we now know who the voice uk judges are it is tom jones,, jessie j and Danny O'Donoghue we did know jessie j was going to be a judge since last year but the other judges were unknown up until recently.

so quite a interesting judging panel really, a very diverse mix of judges, if we consider with having a lot of experience from tom jones, also different styles of music as well, and some youth and different styles with the other 3 judges as well.

the voice is kind of a x factor rival, though i do not think they air at the same time on tv, or are on tv at the same time each year, so in that regard the voice will not be a direct rival to the x factor, but a more rival for popularity and who is the best talent show on tv?.

i think they will both be different with the voice having a more serious and professional edge to it where as the x factor is a more fun and random talent show competition so it will have to be seen anyway in the next few months just what this new uk talent show the voice is like when it is is on the bbc 1 tv in early 2012.

the new voice judges for 2012 are as follows tom jones


the new bbc1 voice judges for 2012 jessie j


the new bbc1 voice judges for 2012


the new bbc1 voice judges for 2012 Danny O'Donoghue