Saturday, 25 February 2012

now "managed" acts can audition for the x factor 2012

this was something that was taboo before, but, now "managed" acts can audition for the x factor 2012, in all the previous renditions of the show this was not allowed, acts that were managed would not be allowed to apply or audition to be on the show, but now that rule has been dropped.

so does that mean that the show will now be genuine though?, before it was just for members of the public to apply and audition, to see if they could then make it into the professional singing world, from being previous just ordinary people.

so now with professionals?, being allowed to audition to the x factor does this take away from the mystique of the competition, and is this fair on people who are not managed?, i think it will just change the dynamics of the show slightly and will not overly impact on how things have worked in the past.