Wednesday, 7 December 2011

the finalists for x factor final 2011 pictures the last 3 for this saturdays final

the finalists for x factor final 2011 pictures the last 3 for this saturdays final.

can anyone call it this year?, who is most likely to win this years final is probably the best way to guess, i think the odds are that little mix will get a bronze and come in 3rd place.

this leaves marcus and amelia, i think amelia lily if she gets the right songs and sings really well could stand a good chance of being the winner of this years x factor 2011.

i could be getting it well wrong putting the acts for this weeks final in these winners placings but it is fun to try and predict the winner in advance and see how wrong the predictions were later after the final has finished.

x factor 2011 final placings PREDICTIONS!

amelia lily 1st place x factor 2011 winner???

marcus collins 2nd place x factor 2011 runner up???

little mix 3rd place x factor 2011 bronze place finishers???

note these are just predictions, and i am not very confident either, it is that difficult to predict or unpredictable that there is a big possibility that little mix could be the winners this year.

so i have just done some x factor predictions there for this years final placings and who i think could win this years x factor final in advance, and it would be funny if i get it correct, but will have to wait and see either way.

(finalists predictions) x factor final winner 2011 amelia lily picture???


(finalists predictions) x factor final second place 2011 marcus collins picture???


who will win this years x factor 2011 final?, finalists predictions for 3rd place could be the little mix?.