Thursday, 1 December 2011

marks and spencer christmas advert 2011 x factor when you wish upon a star marcus collins misha b amelia lily


marks and spencer christmas advert 2011 x factor when you wish upon a star, yep that was the x factor final four on that advert i had just watched on tv, a xmas style advert for m and s, starring marcus collin's, misha b, amelia lily and little mix.

this is the full advert, with some of the previous acts now the advert just shows who is remaining in the contest each week, with acts that have been voted out edited out of the advert as the shows roll on, the remaining 4 x factor acts sing when you wish upon a star in the marks and spencer tv advert.

Marks and Spencer (M&S) - Christmas TV Advert 2011

just a few weeks away now from the x factor final of 2011, and there are 4 acts remaining, i think this is the first time i have seen x factor competitors in adverts before the current season has even finished.

so you wonder what they are getting payed for doing these m and s tv adverts?, usually marks and spencer do those big adverts with a lot of models, but seem to have chosen x factor to launch the marks and spencer christmas season this year.

at first watching the advert i thought to myself that just looked like marcus collins at the beginning of this television advert and it was.

these are the favourites now, the last 4 for i think not this weekends but next weeks x factor 2011 will be the live finals, with 3 acts, so who ever gets voted out of x factor 2011 this weekend will miss the final, which is based around a 3rd, 2nd and 1st place.

last year the format for the x factor final was to have the 3 remaining acts sing on the saturday final show, then the votes be counted by sunday night live final show, and the act with the lowest votes got 3rd place, then on the sunday show the final 2 finalists sing to see who gets 1st place and becomes x factor winner.

this is after they have sung 2 songs each on the sunday with the voting phone lines still open, then at the end of the sunday show the votes are counted and first and second place finalist is awarded.

i think it will probably be the same kind of format for the x factor 2011 final, but who will be in the final is difficult to guess this year, i think last years x factor winner was easy to guess, but not so this years finalists and winners.

so far it will be who survives this weekends x factor between marcus collins, little mix, amelia lily and misha b.

is marcus collins a favourite to make it through to the x factor 2011 final?