Tuesday, 1 November 2011

x factor to get christmas 2011 number 1 usa and uk or not?


x factor to get christmas 2011 number 1 usa and uk or not?, usually in years past the x factor winner was a guaranteed to get the christmas no 1 in the charts, but the last few years, people have "rebelled" by doing facebook campaigns and buying just one groups song to stop x factor getting its usual christmas chart number 1.

it all started a few years ago with a facebook campaign called rage against the x factor, which i think stopped joe mcelderry getting the christmas 2009 number one, instead, the number one went to a old song from years past by rage against the machine.

this was achieved mostly through facebook campaigns so they would choose the xmas number one, and stop the x factor getting its usual christmas number one placing.

so far i have been looking on facebook but have not spotted any of these campaigns taking off yet, so it might be a return to x factor getting its number one placing in the christmas music charts.

but one place i think x factor might struggle to get its number one pop chart placing is america, this is because so far the x factor usa 2011 show is not getting high viewing figures.

they were looking for about 20 million viewers a show, the uk version of the x factor competition gets around 10 million a show, so 20 million viewers a show for the american version is feasible if you consider the size and population of america, but the x factor usa is only getting around 10 million viewers a episode.

the x factor usa 2011 is thus getting around the same viewing figures as the uk show, which if you consider the size of america to the size of the uk, you can see the america version of x factor is not doing really as well as it should.

so because of that i do not think the x factor usa 2011 will get a christmas number one anyway.

but i think the uk version of x factor has got a really good chance of a christmas number one just due to its massive popularity still in the uk, this is unless one of those rage against the x factor type of christmas facebook pages goes against it again.