Tuesday, 8 November 2011

axed frankie cocozza has been kicked off the x factor


bad news for frankie fans but it is true about being axed, frankie cocozza has been kicked off the x factor.

this is because he broke one of the rules of x factor bosses by bragging about taking drugs in front of x factor producers, it is a shame to see frankie cocozza leave the x factor though.

frankie cocozza did bring some fun to the x factor, but was maybe allowed to get too out of control with constant partying that with all that drinking something was going to go wrong, so maybe his mentors and who ever was guiding him and giving him advice is also to blame for frankie cocozza's exit from this years x factor?.

was quite surprising or shocking news as not some thing i expected to see happen with the x factor or this years x factor when reading of frankie cocozza being kicked off of the show mid week.

frankie cocozza did have a good time partying for a good few weeks while on x factor, which probably did not go down well with the producers either, frankie cocozza the party animal!.