Monday, 21 November 2011

american idol 2012 auditions application form process

american idol 2012 auditions i had totally forgotten about this, with all the hype over the x factor america 2011 auditions and then live shows i had forgotten that there was also running at a similar time the american idol 2012 auditions as well.

i think the american idol 2012 auditions actually were running around july time 2011, yet then it is a long wait to the live shows of american idol 2012, so i guess they just wanted to get there audition and application process out of the way early, as the american idol 2012 is many months after the audition and application form process finished.

whereas with x factor america the tv shows did not start long after the auditions had started, so a bit of the contrast there in the format between x factor and american idol 2012 auditions.